RICE consists of five Flagship Projects, each with three to six Clusters of Activities

Accelerating impact and equity

Flagship Project 1 provides an overarching framework for guidance to the whole RICE program, conducts gender research and impact assessments, and accelerates large-scale delivery of development outcomes.

1.1 Foresight and targeting
1.2 Gender and youth
1.3 Collective innovation and scaling out
1.4 Seed delivery systems
1.5 Adoption and impact assessment
1.6 Monitoring, evaluation, and learning


Upgrading rice value chains

Flagship Project 2 comprises a portfolio of upgrading strategies that can make rice value chains more responsive to emerging market opportunities and more sustainable from an economic, social, and environmental point of view.

2.1 Value chain and market research
2.2 Value chain services and finance
2.3 Improved postharvest systems
2.4 Rice processing and novel products


Sustainable farming systems

Flagship Project 3 will develop and deliver improved management practices, and will intensify and diversify farming systems in a sustainable and environment-friendly way to improve livelihoods and improve the health of malnourished rice consumers.

3.1 Farming systems analysis
3.2 Intensification and mechanization
3.3 Farm diversification


Global Rice Array

Flagship Project 4 will provide rice breeders worldwide with the phenomics, genomics, and environmental information, as well as target ideotypes, to generate better-adapted varieties at a faster rate.

4.1 A worldwide field laboratory
4.2 Global phenotyping
4.3 Genetics of rice plant interaction with the biotic environment
4.4 Discovery of genomic associations
4.5 Big Data integration platform


New rice varieties

Flagship Project 5 will speed up genetic gain for the development of improved and climate-resilient rice varieties to increase farmers’ income, overcome challenges of climate change, and increase farmers’ and consumers’ food and nutritional security.

5.1 Harnessing rice diversity
5.2 Precision breeding
5.3 Intensive systems
5.4 Unfavorable ecosystems
5.5 Grain quality and nutrition
5.6 C4 Rice